Tungsten Carbide Products

Tungsten Carbide Products

HIH offers the highest quality sintered tungsten carbide products that are manufactured from virgin material in the mine and we ship to anywhere in North America.  Using high quality sintered tungsten carbide results in cost savings and increased production at every step of your process.  At HIH, we offer our customers inventory stocking programs based on their specific supply needs. Review our wide selection of catalogues for HIH-CARBIDE products; Tungsten Carbide Machining Inserts, Buttons, Wear Parts, Nozzles, Composite Brazing Rod, HVOF, Laser Clad, PTA, Spray & Fuse Powders and assorted products.

Our composite brazing rod is made out of 100% upcycled sintered tungsten carbide, manufactured from our HIH-CARBIDE RECYCLE waste products. HIH uses these same high quality sintered tungsten carbide products in HIH-COMPONENT REPAIR and HIH-SPECIALITY MANUFACTURING. If you need further information, or are looking for products not listed in our catalogues, please contact us!


If you would like to test our inserts and hear all about our inventory stocking program for all HIH-CARBIDE products, please contact us!

HIH-CARBIDE Indexable Machining Inserts

When it comes to machining inserts, we will assess what you are currently using and provide free of charge samples during the qualification and testing phase. Contact us for Free Samples!

Tungsten Carbide Wear Parts

Wear parts are an important part for equipment and machinery. Tungsten Carbide is a durable product with high wear, corrosion, and heat resistance, making it a fantastic choice for machinery that improves the life of the equipment.

Composite Brazing Rod with Upcycled Tungsten Carbide filler Materials

These products are made with 100% upcycled carbide, Tungsten Carbide filled composite brazing rods offer high quality, super wear resistance. These brazing rods reduce premature deposit breakdown and have increased cutting and wearing capability.

Polycrystalline Diamond (PDC) cutters and inserts

PDC cutters and inserts are sintered with diamond and Tungsten Carbide powder, adding increased durability, strength, and heat resistance.


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